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Chinese Millennial Travelers: Everything You Need to Know Jan 15, 2018

Chinese Millennial Travelers: Everything You Need to Know

At 31% of China’s population and 60% of its outbound travelers, millennials are arguably the most important demographic in Chinese tourism. In last week’s webinar, we looked at who Chinese millennials are, how they differ from older generations of Chinese tourists, their similarities and differences to Western millennials, and the most effective channels and strategies for marketing to them.


Here are some of the most important points to understand about Chinese millennials’ travel preferences and behavior:

1. They are adventurous, independent and interested in unique experiences, making them significantly different than earlier generations of Chinese tourists.
2. They are strongly influenced by their own peer group, as well as by key opinion leaders (KOLs).
3. They are digital natives, and the dominant users of social media, online video platforms and travel review sites.
4. Connectivity is key – they post their travel experiences online, so helping them to stay connected will help generate valuable word-of-mouth marketing.
5. For now, they are primarily focused on Asian locations like Thailand and Japan, but they have an interest in new and diverse destinations.
6. They are price conscious and very responsive to travel deals.

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